Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What is e-paper?

This blog was created to inform everyone about what e-paper is, what it does and what kind of advantages it can bring to organizations. To begin, what exactly is e-paper?

E-paper(also know as electronic paper) can be described as an easily transportable electronic display device that looks like real paper, but can rewritten electronically millions of times (SearchMobileComputing). Its a display technology that will allow readers to read as if it was real paper with ink on it, while being extremely light and flexible (epapercentral). Here is a picture that can help anyone visualize what e-paper looks like.

To further understand what e-paper does, click here to view a video of e-paper in action.

E-paper can also be used for electronic newspapers, e-books and displays. Amazon, Sony and Barnes & Noble have already utilized e-paper technology to sell e-readers and are currently trying to win over as many customers as possible. With so many different applications available thanks to e-paper, many organizations (like the ones listed above) are looking towards e-paper as a way to expand into new markets (cellular-news).


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